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The Weirdest Shoe Designs Ever

The Weirdest Shoe Designs Ever

30 of The Weirdest Shoe Designs Ever

Amazing looking shoes are the must have accessory for any fashion diva.  They can make an outfit and define a look, but some designers have taken shoe design to a whole new level. These funny and weird shoe designs will either have you rushing to find out where to buy them, or alternatively asking yourself WTF?  So from shoes with a huge spider in-cased in the bottom, to shoes that are made to look like human feet, these 30 products are the weirdest shoe designs ever seen.


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1. Gadget Shoes


2. Insect Enlocked Shoes


3. Reverse Heal Shoes


4. Foot Gloves


5. Fish Shoes


6. Card Board Shoes



7. Scrolls Shoes


8. Polyclipped Shoes


9. Weird Zippers


10. Foam-soap Shoes


11. Croc Shoes


12. Toe-less Shoes


13. Layered Leather Shoes


14. Banana Shoes


15. Leggings shoes

16. Boxing Shoes


17. Wire Shoes


18. The Birdie Shoes


19. Nike Shoe Burgers


20. Car Shoes



21. The Heal and Toe Shoes



22. The Nude Shoes



23. The 2-Healed Shoes


24. Shoe over Shoe Shoes


25. Scenery Shoes


26. The Iron Lady Shoes


27. Stonage Shoes


28. Mice Shoes


29. CD player shoes


30. Foot in Foot Shoes



Sourced from smashinglists.com

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