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These 29 Kids Seriously Think They Are Animals

29 Kids That Seriously Think They Are Animals

29 Kids That Seriously Think They Are Animals

Kids relate with animals in so many ways. After all, kids and animals are great at getting into trouble, making a mess in the house, and doing things that seem 100% completely insane.

As a kid I remember thinking it would be better to be a cat or a dog than a human because my pets didn’t have to go to school or do any homework, instead they got to stay home and play all day. The kids on this list have come to a similar realization, and decided life as a pet looks like too much fun to resist! See for yourself, 29 kids that seriously think they are animals.

1. Taking a snooze with the puppy in the dog bed

Mom and dad could have saved a lot of money purchasing a baby bed if they had known their son preferred a dog bed.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. “Our family doesn’t need a dog”

Gotta love the feeling of the wind in your face…


Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. Learning the perks to sharing


Photo Credit: cutestpaw.com

4. Cute Little Emily copycats baby orangutan Rishi like a pro


Photo Credit: animal-space.net

5. Copycat taking tips from the expert on how to cat


Photo Credit: unknown

6. They heard their son making strange cat noises and so they went looking for him. They found him just like this:


Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. Tug-O-War between puppy and toddler is too cute to be true


Photo Credit: unknown

8. If it’s good enough for the cat to eat, it’s good enough for me!


Photo Credit: unknown

9. Big brother and little brother taking some time to stretch together


Photo Credit: Zuzana Kubatova

10. The only way this little guy saw fit to hang out with the fish was to climb inside of their tank

His parents must have been so shocked to walk in on this


Photo Credit: imgur.com

11. Together life is always better

With this trio three is never a crowd…


Photo Credit: Anna Komenda

12. Puppy and kid going bonkers for some food

I can only hope this kid is not actually eating the dog food… yuck!


Photo Credit: animalsiadmire.blogspot.com

13. In order to be a cat you have to nap like a cat


Photo Credit: Ingrid Gerenda

14. Splashing around just like her four-legged pals


Photo Credit: Brooke Murphey

15. Patiently waiting in line for a turn at the food bowl


Photo Credit: bluefrenchbulldogscentral.com

16. We are coming in for the food and there’s no stopping us!


Photo Credit: olive15

17. Sleeping with the pig


Photo Credit: Heike Cuyvers

18. Play time makes you thirsty, really thirsty…


Photo Credit: Brooke Murphey

19. Sleepy, sleepy tired

Pets make the very best snuggle buddies!


Photo Credit: Louise Due-Hansen

20. Just hanging out like one of the big dogs


Photo Credit: cmaartens

21. Jack imitates his favorite animal of all time, the hedgehog


Photo Credit: Jack Draws Anything 

22. This little girl told her parents that the puppy kennel “is their bedroom” and she looks mighty excited about it


Photo Credit: Maria Hita

23. The best birthday parties always include furry friends


Photo Credit: Cate Adams

24. Enjoying his popcorn from the pet crate


Photo Credit: Sicoulette Fête

25. Getting wild with this overwhelming amount of dog food


Photo Credit: unknown

26. Sharing teething toys with the dog


Photo Credit: Mary Widdicks

27. She informed all onlookers, “I’m peeing like a dog.”


Photo Credit: rachelgators

28. Is the kid a dog, or is the dog just another kid?!


Photo Credit: Melanie Baker

29. Don’t cry over spilled milk; just drink it up like a cat!


Photo Credit: imgur.com



Sourced from earthporm.com

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