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People Who Stumbled Upon Their Doppelgangers In Museums

People Who Stumbled Upon Their Doppelgangers In Museums

People Who Accidentally Found Their Doppelgangers In Museums

An Age Long Gone


I bet this bloated his ego quite a bit. But doesn’t every man secretly wish he was a knight?

He’s Immortal 


Oh my goodness! This is proof that Weird Al is immortal! He’s going to live forever!

A Ginger Samurai? 


Wait, was that even possible? I’m so confused!

Henry’s Back


Henry VIII is back and women better watch out for this doppelganger or he’ll marry you then behead you!

Looking Back At One Another

It’s almost like looking into a mirror!

From An Age Gone By

Even their eyes match one another! How incredible and awesome is that?

Cupid Grown Up

Remember Cupid, this is what he looks like now! Feel old yet?

Still Very Serious

Why do they both look so serious? It’s freaking me out!

He’s Still Fabulous!

He’s still got it! Even his nose looks the same!

No Hat?

Wait, where did his hat go, and why does he look surprised?!

He’s Back

Wait, is he a time traveller?

I Wonder

I wonder if he noticed the resemblance between himself and the painting?

Back To The Future

Where’s his dog gone? I’m sad he’s not there!


I think she’s found her long lost, great (x6) grandma!


Did he know that this painting was here? I loved  how he prepared to see it!

Headless Harvey

Watch out! You don’t want to lose your head again!

Who Wore It Best?

But who wore it better?

Deep In Thought

I wonder what he’s thinking about…

A Classical Haircut

And you just thought his haircut was silly!

Back Again

But are they a long lost ancestor?

Well This Is Surprising…

How old is that baby?!

Creepy Stare

Looks like he hasn’t lost that creepy stare just yet!

Take Too

…What is with that shirt?!

Cave Boy

How did they manage to do that?

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