29 Hilarious Passive Aggressive Windshield Notes To Make You Laugh

29 Hilarious Passive-Aggressive Windshield Notes

29 Hilarious Passive Aggressive Windshield Notes

Oh, man. There are few things in this world that rile us up more than parking. Circling the blocks around our house, over and over, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to give up, leave my car in the middle of the street and just walk away. It isn’t just parking that annoys me, though. It’s the whole “car experience.”

The people who wrote these hilarious passive aggressive windshield notes feel my pain.


1. The noisy exhaust.

2. The tight fit.

3. The relationship advice.

4. The No Park on My Privates.

5. When you want the world to see your passive aggressive windshield notes

6. The X-Ray Machine.

7. The Bill Murray.

8. The Carly Rae Jepsen.

9. The Stevie Wonder.

10. The Starsky & Hutch.

11. The Angry Santa. # Passive Aggressive Windshield Notes  

12. The helpful orientation.

13. The melted ice cream.

14. The person acting on behalf of humanity.

15. The (not passive-) aggressive.

16. The scary promise.

17. The gently worded advice.

18. The professional threat.

19. The semi-professional threat.

20. The Crazed Ferret.

21. The Grumpy Cat.

22. The Meteorologist.

23. The invitation to take the bus.

24. The freaking instructions.

25. The time waster.

26. The electric car hater.

27. The four spotter.

28. The concerned party.

29. And the guys who don’t want you touching their trash.

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