The Funniest Detention Slips Issued By Teachers

The Funniest Detention Slips Ever

The funniest Detention Slips Ever Will Take You Back To Misbehaving At School

Kids can often get in trouble act school, whether it’s from talking in class or distracting others, teachers want to have peace in their classrooms.  These 28 students took misbehaving to a new level, resulting in the funniest detention slips ever being handed out.

1. For dusting off a classic joke.

2. For candidly reacting to an exam grade.

3. For volunteering as tribute.

4. For forgetting you’re not at Hogwarts.

5. Or that you’re not really a wizard.

6. For distracting others with pictures of cats.

7. And pugs.

8. For deploying a perfect “that’s what she said.”

9. Twice.

10. For using the “Hammer of Justice.”

11. For quoting Zoolander.

12. For giving in to your urges.

13. For dropping truth bombs.

14. For caring about craftsmanship.

15. For Beliebing.

16. For literally bible-thumping.

17. And other general smiting.

18. For not being original enough.

19. For #occupyingthecafeteria.

20. For knowing more than your teachers.

21. For using the term YOLO appropriately.

22. For using the term YOLO inappropriately.

23. For using the term YOLO at all.

24. For being Clark Kent.

25. For humping Troy’s head.

26. For ongoing nonsense.

27. For drinking paint.

28. For excessive chair squeaking. Oh, and farting in someone’s face. Twofer.

Credit Buzzfeed.com

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