22 Dogs Who Think They Are Cats

22 Dogs Who Think They Are Cats

Dogs Who Think They Are Cats

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Most people have a strong preference for their pet of choice. Others are more open minded, and share their home with both species. There is just one potential problem with these harmonious households: Dogs, as you probably know, are very impressionable. Occasionally, dogs who are raised alongside cats may get confused about which species they belong to, and can develop cat-like habits.

These confused pooches have an adorable identity crisis… and it’s the cutest thing ever!

1. “What’s he doing there?”

2. “The view from up here is amazing!”

3. If it fits, it sits.

4. So cute… they thinks they’re sisters!

5. Kitty doesn’t look to happy about her new neighbor.

6. There’s a first for everything.

7. “I can get used to this.”

8. Aww, look at these adorable kittens!

9. What a happy inter-species family.

10. Yup, looks completely natural.

11. Imagine waking up at night and seeing this…

12. Even cat-dogs sniff butts.

13. “Oh, you’re home early.”

14. “Now how do I get down again?”

15. LOL.

16. “I claim the top perch!”

17. I have to give it to this guy, looks like this was built especially for him.

18. This pup is having second thoughts about this whole tree thing.

19. “What’s he doing here again?”

20. This is her favorite cat-pose.

21. So cute!

22. “Am I you?”

In case you were wondering, I don’t think this works the other way around. At least, I haven’t seen many cats being walked on a leash and playing fetch.

Credit Buzzfeed.com

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