9 Cats Who Don’t Get The New Puppy

New Puppy? No Thanks!

The new puppy is an exciting time for the whole family, but these cats really don’t know what to think about them. Are they imposters? Stupid? or just a pain in the ass? Check out these 9 cats who really don’t get the new puppy.  Enjoy

1. “Everything the light touches is mine. Got it?”

(Reddit: Malachi_-_Contsant)

2. “So … what are you supposed to be?”

(Reddit: bedbuddy)

3. “I’M supposed to be the fuzzy, cute one in this household.”

(Reddit: kixu6964)

4. “You have severely miscalculated my affections, Dog.”

(Reddit: filthy_assistant)

5. “That is the UGLIEST cat I’ve ever seen!”

(Reddit: WildcatAbroad


6. “YOU aren’t the stair-keeper, I’M the stair-keeper!”

(Reddit: Revision123)

7. “Um, WHO do you think you are, stinking up my couch?”

(Reddit: enigmatic-dr-scully)

8. “The Human seems to have left us with this strange, fuzzy alien baby.”

(Reddit: panda_nectar)

9. “Great. I guess this is my life now.”

(Reddit: Chiaraaa)


Sourced from thedodo.com

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