38 Dogs Playing Hide and Seek and Really Suck

38 Dogs Playing Hide and Seek and Really Suck

Dogs are domesticated animals these days and no longer have the skills to hide and hunt as they did in the past, so when they try to play hide and seek they tend to fail and show us that their instincts have long since disappeared.  Here we give you 38 dogs playing hide and seek that really do suck

1. I think I am really well hidden

2. If I can’t see you then you can’t see me

3. I am cunningly disguised as a pillow

4. I will just leave a tiny opening. They’ll never see me

5. Look I’m an Ewok

6. My Paws look like my eyes and eyebrows

7. I think i have been busted

8. I just found $5

9. I wish this curtain was Labrador colour

10. I am a flower

11. Stop cheating, this is my hiding place

12. The master of camouflage

13. Wow!  This is a tight squeeze

14.  Does my bum look big in this?

15. I look like a cushion

16. Almost there

17. I can build a tunnel, they will never find me

18. Maybe I should have taken my lead off first

19. I am screwed if they turn this couch back down

20. I can disguise myself as an envelope

21. I am a doorstop

22. Well if it is good enough for E.T.

23. Damn Mirrors

24. I am too worn out to play

25. Can I come out yet?

26. This was a bad idea

27. They will never think of the bathroom

28. Just find me Dude, I am sick of this

29. My feet look like chicken drumsticks

30. 3,2,1 Quick hide

31. What a view

32. Bed Time

33. Squeeze

34. Peek a booo!!

35. I’m Beat!

36. Boooo! #Dogs playing hide and seek

37. I may have problems getting out of this

38. Quick! get the Vaseline

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