30 Funny Cats Sleeping In the Most Bizarre Positions

Funny cats sleeping to put a smile on your face

30 Funny Cats Sleeping In The Most Bizarre Positions

Cats are funny and loving creatures that love to sleep. They can curl up virtually anywhere and nod off for hours. However, these 30 funny cats sleeping are risk takers. contortionists and above all adorably cute.

So sit back and enjoy these funny cats sleeping to cheer you up and put a smile on your face


#1. When your life is in the gutter. #funny sleeping cats

#2. A nice glass of vintage kittygnon rouge.

A fine cabernet kittygnon.

#3. life on the rails

#4. Don’t be so square

#5. Mmm,  Ugg boots – Thank you for buying them for me

Finally, a use for Ugg boots besides wearing them on your feet.


#6. A bed with a view.

For those that like to sleep at an angle.

#7. Well this seems a comfy spot.

#8. It’s all about the balance.

#9. Wow! this is so comfortable

#10. We’re not exactly sure how this is working.

#11. Best spot in the house.

#12. When you’re trying to work. #funny sleeping cats

When you're trying to work.


#13. Passed out mid journal entry.

#14. I need this more than your beer needs this.

#15. Wash your face tomorrow.

#16. If someone tries to close the door, it’s going to hurt.

#17. Making beautiful sleep music.

#18. if your life is trash, take a well earned nap

Feel like garbage? Take a nap.


#19. Inconveniencing you just enough to be annoying.

Inconveniencing you just enough to be annoying.


#20. The curve of the skull provides excellent lumbar support.

#21. I hate paperwork

funny sleeping cats

#22. The book worm

funny sleeping cats

#23. This housework thing is exhausting.

funny sleeping cats

#24. White cats and sandals – Cool

funny sleeping cats

#25. Check out my balancing skills.

Funny sleeping cats

#26. Photocopying your but while you sleep

funny sleeping cats

#27. Who needs a chair when you can have the space between two chairs?

funny sleeping cats

#28. This funny sleeping cat just loves BBQs

funny sleeping cats

#29. Tried cut a melon #failed

funny sleeping cats

#30. If the shoe fits – sleep in it

funny sleeping cats

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