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26 Funny Pictures Of Children Being Left Alone With Dad

26 Funny Pictures Of Kids Being Left Alone With Dad

26 Pictures Show You Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Their Dads

When it comes to the father, the most frequented asked question may go to “Dad, where is the mom?”. Generally speaking, Women do have gifts and loving patience with kids, if you have some doubt with that,

Please look at the following 26 pictures to see some hilarious scenes when children being left alone with their dads.


1. Dad uses a vacuum to give daughter a Ponytail.


2. When dad gives baby a bath


3. Blowing the kid down


4. To stop the baby crawling around


5. Balancing baby on hand


6. The baby was Joe Rogan for his First Halloween


7. To test the Toilet Suck


8. Oops!


9. A disastrous bubble bath


10. We just stay in bed


11. Dad, can you put my hair in a bun?


12. Dad made me a watermelon helmet


13. Now, who’s the dad?


14. An Impressive Stack


15. Hey, what a perfect solution!


16. Don’t move!


17. Banana head isn’t impressed


18. That’s handy

 children being left alone

19. Free Stuff

 children being left alone

20. When Mum’s Out, Dad’s In Charge!

 children being left alone

21. When dad becomes a ballet dancer
 children being left alone
22. Dad introduces art classes
 children being left alone
23. When dad tries to teach his daughter a lesson about fashion
 children being left alone
24. Who is in charge? Dad or the kid?
 children being left alone
25. Guitar kid
 children being left alone
26. When dad falls asleep when paint is left out
 children being left alone
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