25 Employee Epic Fails To Make You Laugh

25 Employee Epic Fails

25 Employee Epic Fails

Everyone has had rough days at their job. It doesn’t matter what your profession is; sometimes a day just gets ahead of you and nothing seems to go your way.

Thinking things through on such days can be quite difficult. A lapse in judgment during this period will inevitably lead to making some mistakes for all to see.

Just take these 25 people who made undeniable errors at work. You’re going to wonder how no one caught them before they were on display for the whole world’s enjoyment…

1. Who doesn’t enjoy eating a delicious Twix every now and then? The best part, though, is having two pieces of candy that you can share with a friend. Apparently, whoever made this batch wanted to keep you single and alone.

2. Every child has their favorite stuffed animal when they are young. Maybe the manufacturer of this one should’ve done a better quality check before it was released to the toy store! Somewhere, a child is confused and crying.


3. There are seven continents on planet Earth, so how difficult could it be to get this one right? Just spitballing here, but do you think whoever designed this T-shirt skipped geography class when they were in high school?

4. This strange design flaw makes it a lot harder to read the brand label when shopping in the grocery story. On the upside, it’s a lot easier to read when you’re taking a sip. There’s always the chance that it was designed with that in mind.


5. Just imagine going to grab your piping hot coffee first thing in the morning and putting your hand right into the liquid! This mug is all but daring you to do just that. This one should’ve been caught by upper management.


6. Sitting on a park bench, taking in the gorgeous views is a perfect way to relax on a day off. Don’t even think about doing that on this bench, though! There’s not much leg room. Even if you wanted a nap, it might tire you out just to get in there!


7. Either the person who designed this billboard was a magician and forgot to piece their assistant back together, or it’s one of the worst design fails in the history of mankind. How in the world does that even happen? There are only two parts!

8. Well, let’s just say that whoever goes to use this toilet paper when they’re done doing their business is going to be a little confused when a second roll comes spilling out. You have to wonder how no one was able to catch this.


9. Someone is going to go to pour their milk into their cereal and this is either going to cause a major spill or they’re just going to think the carton is empty. How did this make it past inspection?

10. If  you’re looking for a surefire way to cause car accidents on a regular basis, the best way to achieve that is to misspell a road sign. Not to mention all of the student drivers who are going to freak out because they never learned what “SOTP” means.


11. Whoever placed this clothing hook on the wall must come from a planet where gravity isn’t a thing. How else do you explain this? Someone definitely should have caught this lapse in judgement before it even happened.


12. There’s nowhere else to go but down. Guests at this hotel are going to be a bit confused, though, when they get onto the elevator and their room is on the 20th floor. Maybe it’s just a super underground hotel that no one else knows about!

13. Barry Burbank is probably a respected television news anchor in his hometown, but viewers of his program might want to reconsider taking their news from him. Apparently he doesn’t know how to use mugs correctly. It goes the other way, Barry!


14. Not only is this a poorly designed cupboard, but you can’t even fully open either drawer all the way. They’re just going to have to hope that two people never need something out of those drawers at the same time. That would be a disaster.

15. How this ice cream cone ever made it past the production line is just ridiculous. It definitely looks like someone took their eyes off the assembly line for a couple moments. Their boss definitely needs to hear the scoop on this one. 


16. Door knobs have never been seen as especially complicated features on a door, but apparently they confounded this one intrepid home improver. Time to get the tools out again and fix this so the door can close!

17. It should seemingly go without saying that having the toilet paper close to the toilet in a public bathroom should be pretty high on the priority list. But no, whoever designed this restroom decided to make reaching the toilet paper an adventure.

18. The yearbook staff at this high school is probably going to receive a letter from both of these people. Something suggests that they weren’t paying much attention when they were placing the photos on this page in particular. 

19. Perhaps, what is most funny about this mistaken package is that many people learn everything there is to know about animals and insects by watching programs on Animal Planet. This is a huge oversight. Either way, most people are terrified of both creepy crawlies.

20. Well, if you’re looking to purchase the new “Samsung iPhone” this Christmas, then you’ve come to the right place. If this were actually true, they would almost definitely be accused of having a monopoly on the smartphone market.


21. This is just unforgivable. Just imagine all the bottlenecking traffic that happens on this staircase every day. They had to have noticed that they made a huge mistake when they were placing the handrail on the stairs, right?

22. That is clearly not Batman. As many comic aficionados know, Batman does not fly, nor does he have blue tights and a red cape. How anyone could even make this mistake is just beyond all understanding. Has this backpack designer been living under a rock?

23. Someone at Barnes & Noble must be trying to start a feud between these two major technology companies by placing the Macintosh sign in the Windows section. This is sure to start a dispute between customers, as well.

24. The mistake that this bricklayer made here is sure to drive people insane! This is clearly a design flaw that could have and should have been avoided. It makes you wonder whether this person got to keep their job.

25. Well, let’s just hope that the people who recently purchased this home wanted a cool breeze to come into the house each day. Otherwise, the fact that anyone even thought it was okay to install this window here has no excuse!

Wow, I’ve had rough days at work, but that’s just taking it to a whole new level.

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