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23 Times That Pets Were Caught Red Handed

Pets Caught Red Handed

23 Times That Pets Were Caught Red Handed

Ever wondered what your pet gets up to when you’re not looking? the answer is probably up to no good if these 23 hilarious photos of pets getting caught red handed are anything to go by. There’s never a dull moment when owning a cat or dog, but after all that’s part of the fun of having one.

Whilst your out your pet probably gets up to all sorts of mischief,sometimes owners are lucky enough to get them caught red-handed (or pawed in this case) and snap a photograph for evidence on their pets terrible crimes resulting in this hilarious photos you see below.

1. Duffy, the cucumber stealing Bassett Hound.

2. The face of guilt.

3. Pen thief caught in the act.

4.  Caught pink-pawed.

5. “I found out who keeps stealing my paper.”



6. “Hey, help me out here!”

7. Trying to get to that fish.

8. When his ears disappear you know he’s guilty.

9. Busted.

10. Pretending to be asleep to get closer to food… look at his right eye.

11. Trying to act casual.

12. He’s not allowed on the bed, so when he got caught he rolled off like nothing happened.

13. Caught Red Hanaded whilst trying to get some cinnamon rolls.

14. Finally he’s been caught in the act.



15. “Maybe if I stay still they won’t see me.”

16. The guiltiest face ever.

17. Caught red handed Stealing the same garden shoe since 2010.

18. Busted!

19. “I don’t share!”

20. They almost made it to the food.

21. He wondered who kept putting thumb tacks in his shoes… now he knows.

22. Zero regrets!

pets caught red handed 3

23. Beware of the cookie monster.

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