The 20 Most Bizarre Amazon Products Available To Buy

20 Bizarre Amazon Products You Would not Expect To See

The 20 Most Bizarre Amazon Products To Buy

bizarre amazon products

What most people don’t realise is that Amazon started off as an online book shop. Nowadays this mammoth retailer sells pretty much anything you can think off.and more

This includes really, really weird stuff. Welcome to the 20 Most Bizarre Amazon Products Available to buy.  From unicorn meat to a giant shower nose that dispenses shower gel. This list has it all.

1. Face blanket

The 20 maddest things you can buy on Amazon right now

For when a Slanket doesn’t offer enough coverage. $9.99.

(Picture: Face Blankets Plus

2. Disposable toilet

Disposable toilet from Amazon
(Picture: Gotta Go Poncho)

The 1-Poncho isn’t just a disposable toilet. It’s a disposable toilet that includes a poncho for privacy, and cloth wipes for, well, wiping. $9.85.

3. Fake fat

fake fat from amazon
(Picture: Anatomical Chart Company)

We’ve all been there: you need some realistic-looking human fat, but there’s none around. Hurrah for Amazon and its $81.96 5-pound Fat Replica!

4. Booze tampons

booze tampons from amazon
(Picture: Smuggle Your Booze)

Going somewhere where booze is banned? Fill up these fake tampons for effortless alcohol smuggling.

5. Choose your own adventure… with Hitler

Choose your own adventure hitler book
(Picture: Mr Matthew K Hutchins)

Ever wished Choose Your Own Adventure books had more Hitler? Your prayers have been answered.

6. Grow Your Own Jesus

grow your own jesus from amazon
(Picture: Toyday Traditional & Classic Toys)

‘Not what I expected,’ Matt Sloan writes. ‘Tried putting it in the water as described but He just walked across it.’

7. Hamdogger

Ham dogger from amazon
(Picture: Kitchen Art)

Makes burgers that look like hot dogs. We’ve no idea why either.

8. Handerpants

handerpants from amazon
(Picture: Accoutrements)

‘Distracts enemies. Prevents chafing.’

9. Tuscan Milk

a gallon of milk from amazon
(Picture: Tuscan)

Forget the product and read the reviews.

10. Giant Shower Nose

giant shower nose from amazon
(Picture: Hittime)

Ever wished you had a shower gel dispenser on the wall that looked like an enormous dripping nose?

11. Penis Candy(Picture: Candyprints)

That’s candy shaped like penises, not candy for penises.

12. 55 gallons of Passion lubricant

passion lubricant from amazon
(Picture: Passion Lubes)

‘What are you going to do with all this lube?’ the seller asks. We don’t want to know. Includes pump.

13. Bacon Lip Balm

bacon lip balm from amazon
(Picture: Accoutrements)

Not only does it heal dry and cracked lips, but it has a ‘wonderful bacon smell’.

14. Granulated Wolf Urine

wolf urine from amazon
(Picture: Pmart)

‘The effect of wolf urine in easy to use shakeable granules,’ it says here. Ideal for parties.

15. Placenta Recipies 

(Picture: Amazon)

If you ever wanted to know the correct vegetables to cook with a placenta, then this book is for you.

16. Nothing

nothing from amazon
(Picture: Cubic- Fred)

For the man or woman who has everything: ‘This product is guaranteed to do absolutely nothing. If something happens, return for a full refund.’

17. Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher

ball scratcher from amazon
(Picture: Boxer Games)

For the man who has everything, including itchy testicles.

18. Unicorn meat

unicorn meat from amazon
(Picture: ThinkGeek)

It may look like Spam, taste like Spam and actually be Spam, but the seller is adamant that this unicorn meat will make you poop rainbows.

19. A Boyfriend Pillow

(Picture: Amazon)

If the boyfriend or husband is away then use this hilarious yet bizarre amazon products which is a pillow shaped as a arm chest and hand to give you that ‘snuggling feeling’

20. A Pair Of Madagasgar Hissing Cockroaches

(Picture: Amazon)

You can now own your very own pair of hissing Madagascan cockroaches,  this has to be the most bizarre amazing products you can buy.  Apparently they are easy to care for and make wonderful pets.

You have got to hand it to Amazon, these bizarre products are niche to say the least.

If you love these 20 bizarre Amazon products, or have found any more then let us know in the comments


Credit metro.com

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