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20 Funny Images That Show Why Russians Are Obsessed With Carpets

20 Funny Images That Show Us Why Russians Are Obsessed With Carpets

Why Are Russians So Obsessed With Carpets?

We all know that Russians love carpets. As far as it’s known the habit of hanging carpets on the wall became a common practice during the Soviet times. The idea behind it is still unclear, but one can only speculate that insulation was the main reasoning. Besides that, Soviet people stocked up valuable carpets as a dowry for their children. Also, in the communal apartments, rugs were used as soundproofing mean. Many people hid wall defects, repairs with the carpets. Some simply used them as decorations. We can assume that this tradition has spread from the East, where the carpets were considered a work of art and a symbol of wealth.

So check out these 20 funny images that show just how far Russian people are prepared to go to show off their rugs and carpets to the world.  


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