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19 Girls That Have Daddy Wrapped Around Their Little Finger

19 Girls That Have Daddy Wrapped Around Their Little Finger

19 Girls That Have Daddy Wrapped Around Their Little Finger

Every little girl will have daddy wrapped around their little finger, whether it is dressing up a princesses together or putting make up onto dad so he looks like a drag queen.  These little girls clearly wear the trousers and don’t care how much they Embarrass dad. we hope you enjoy.

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1. This dad who offered his shoulders and creativity for a swing:

This dad who agreed to make the ultimate sacrifice:

This dad who didn’t even question his daughters costume choice for him:

This dad who agreed to princess time:

This dad who doesn’t mind having afternoon tea time:

This dad who is helping her future cheerleading dreams:

This dad who isn’t too thrilled – but he wore the crown anyway:

This dad who probably still doesn’t even know what he said ‘yes’ to:

This dad who is getting styled by his two year old:

This dad who is trying to keep it together at a One Direction concert:

This clever dad who agreed to fix his daughters hair before school:

This dad who is already showing signs of spoiling his child:

This dad who looks fabulous:

This dad who is twinning with his daughter:

It must be a trend because this dad is twinning too:

This dad who didn’t mind having a picnic in the living room:

This dad who will let his daughter stay on his shoulders even after an ‘accident’:

This buff dad who is just trying to get his protein – even if it’s at a tiny pink table:

And this dad who will let his daughter do whatever she wants as long as it keeps her busy:

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