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    People Who Stumbled Upon Their Doppelgangers In Museums


    People Who Accidentally Found Their Doppelgangers In Museums

    An Age Long Gone


    I bet this bloated his ego quite a bit. But doesn’t every man secretly wish he was a knight?

    He’s Immortal 


    Oh my goodness! This is proof that Weird Al is immortal! He’s going to live forever!

    A Ginger Samurai? 


    Wait, was that even possible? I’m so confused!

    Henry’s Back


    Henry VIII is back and women better watch out for this doppelganger or he’ll marry you then behead you!

    Looking Back At One Another

    It’s almost like looking into a mirror!

    From An Age Gone By

    Even their eyes match one another! How incredible and awesome is that?

    Cupid Grown Up

    Remember Cupid, this is what he looks like now! Feel old yet?

    Still Very Serious

    Why do they both look so serious? It’s freaking me out!

    He’s Still Fabulous!

    He’s still got it! Even his nose looks the same!

    No Hat?

    Wait, where did his hat go, and why does he look surprised?!

    He’s Back

    Wait, is he a time traveller?

    I Wonder

    I wonder if he noticed the resemblance between himself and the painting?

    Back To The Future

    Where’s his dog gone? I’m sad he’s not there!


    I think she’s found her long lost, great (x6) grandma!


    Did he know that this painting was here? I loved  how he prepared to see it!

    Headless Harvey

    Watch out! You don’t want to lose your head again!

    Who Wore It Best?

    But who wore it better?

    Deep In Thought

    I wonder what he’s thinking about…

    A Classical Haircut

    And you just thought his haircut was silly!

    Back Again

    But are they a long lost ancestor?

    Well This Is Surprising…

    How old is that baby?!

    Creepy Stare

    Looks like he hasn’t lost that creepy stare just yet!

    Take Too

    …What is with that shirt?!

    Cave Boy

    How did they manage to do that?

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    24 Fictional Characters That Have Really Let Themselves Go

    fictional characters

    Fictional Characters Who Really Let Themselves Go

    Just because they’re fictional characters doesn’t mean they’re not capable of “letting themselves go” just like human celebrities. You’re probably lying in bed right now reading this trying to polish off the last two slices of the deep dish Domino’s pizza you knew you shouldn’t have ordered for the second day in a row because you’re too lazy to drive five minutes to the store. I’m just kidding, silly. You look fabulous and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Now hurry up and order some Thai food, you magnificent bugger.

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    20 Funny Images That Show Why Russians Are Obsessed With Carpets


    Why Are Russians So Obsessed With Carpets?

    We all know that Russians love carpets. As far as it’s known the habit of hanging carpets on the wall became a common practice during the Soviet times. The idea behind it is still unclear, but one can only speculate that insulation was the main reasoning. Besides that, Soviet people stocked up valuable carpets as a dowry for their children. Also, in the communal apartments, rugs were used as soundproofing mean. Many people hid wall defects, repairs with the carpets. Some simply used them as decorations. We can assume that this tradition has spread from the East, where the carpets were considered a work of art and a symbol of wealth.

    So check out these 20 funny images that show just how far Russian people are prepared to go to show off their rugs and carpets to the world.  


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    Reasons To Be Locked Up In The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

    trans Allegheny lunatic asylum

    The hilarious reasons why you could be locked up in the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

    The Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum has long been regarded as is most home to some of the craziest people of the 1800s.  But what surprising about this place is the reasons that could get you banged up in this nut house between 1864 and 1889.

    Check out the list below of the hilarious but genuine and legitimate reasons that could make you a guest at the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.  From Imaginary female trouble to Suppressed Masturbation, some of these reasons are bordering on insane themselves.

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    November Caption Competition

    November caption competition

    Want the Chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card?

    November caption competition

    Simply comment on this Photo with a Caption and the winner each month will have their caption converted into a Meme and have a permanent place on our website and social media.

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    If Animals Had Tinder This Would Be Their Profile Picture


    If Animals Had Tinder This Would Be Their Profile Picture

    Animal dating is still stuck in the dark ages. Rather than using tinder, they have to actually take the time to meet another animal in public, sniff their parts and and do a mating call. It’s so #lamesville. When are they gonna wake up and realize that the only way to meet properly meet another animal these days is to totally paw right?

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    67 Funny Halloween Costumes To Take Inspiration From


    67 Funny Halloween Costumes To Take Inspiration From


    1. Sputnik 2

    In 2010, Flickr user vietnamted put together a funny halloween costume that recreated Sputnik 2, the Soviet spaceship that took the dog Laika into space. As you can see, Laika is aboard and ready for liftoff. However, this Laika survived the mission. See the costume at a different angle at Flickr.

    2. Yip Yips


    Sesame Street’s popular aliens, the Yip Yips always appear in twos, so this is a costume that should be worn with a buddy. It take two people to properly fit one according to this Instructable, so you may as well help each other out and into a great costume!

    3. Optimus Prime


    Instructables member dannyeurena turned cardboard, duct tape, and hot glue into a satisfyingly authentic Optimus Prime costume. According to the accompanying video, it was comfortable enough to dance in!

    4. Death Becomes Her


    Evan Booth’s costume for Halloween 2006 seemed to be a nondescript “dude in a wig” until you looked at the GAPING HOLE in his midsection! This was accomplished with a camera in the back of the shirt that recorded a background scene and fed it to a travel-size DVD player in the front that displayed the backdrop. In 2008, artist Nicole Magne used the idea for a costume recreating a scene from the movie Death Becomes Herwhere Goldie Hawn has a hole blown through her body. The creation process is detailed on her blog, and the Instructables version is available if you’d like to try this yourself.

    5. Hovering Boba Fett


    Linkfilter member Reapre had considered a Rocketeer costume when he hit on the idea of Boba Fett Hovering on a Column of Flame. He used a purchased Boba Fett costume and converted it using a homemade jetpack. The column of flame below hid his legs. Reapre wore platform shoes made from roller blades to make himself several inches taller.

    6. Helmet Cat


    Flickr user Alida Saxon’s brother put this Helmet Cat costume together at the last minute. The helmet is a basketball painted green, and the fur was salvaged from a stuffed toy. Make your favorite internet meme into a Halloween costume and half the folks you encounter will laugh; the other half will scratch their heads and wonder.

    7. The Wild Things


    A group of five friends dressed as the monsters plus Max from the Maurice Sendak’s book Where The Wild Things Are for Halloween 2008. Craftster member sjeanette made papier mache heads of the monsters. The eyes glow in the dark! I can’t really tell how one would see while wearing these, but I assume they made a great impression.

    8. Mega Man


    Kevin made a Mega Man costume for his 3-year-old son a few Halloweens back. What made this so awesome is the Mega Buster with working lights and the authentic helmet fashioned from a bike helmet. See more pictures of the finished product.

    9. Bender

    Chris Miller made his own Bender costume back in 2005. The eyes moved by a servo controlled by his hands! He was a finalist in a costume contest, but I can’t imagine what costume could beat this.

    10. Emoticon


    The Mask of Emotion hides your face but displays emoticons instead. This helmet was created by the Digital Media Design Dept at Hongik University in Korea. What emoticon is shown is controlled by the wearer’s body actions. If you want to make your own, the original website has design specifications and video. It will help if you can read Korean.

    11. AT-AT

    Katie Mello of LAIKA House in Portland made this AT-AT Costume for her dog Bones.
    Bones has his own Facebook page, where you can see more pictures: in this costume, other clothing, and as nude as other dogs. In fact, there’s a photoset that takes you through the process of building this costume.

    12. Death Star

    Darth Vader and the Death Star

    Image by Flickr users Bob909 and Anditron.

    Anditron always dresses up for Halloween, but when she was pregnant, she wanted to incorporate her bump without being too traditional. So she made a Death Star costume. Or rather, her round belly was the Death Star, with small x-wing fighters attached. The rest of her was dressed in black. The Darth Vader helmet was incidental, but worked well. Take a look at the Death Ray deployed:

    The Death Star ready to destroy Alderaan

    Image by Flickr user Bob909 and Anditron.

    It appears to be some fiber optics and a few light sticks, but the effect is, um, not earth-shattering, but Alderaan-shattering!

    13. Coppertone Girl

    It’s a logo everyone knows from as far back as we can remember. The little Coppertone girl’s tan line is revealed when her puppy dog pulls on her swim pants. Anna at A. Party Style dressed her adorable daughter in a tan leotard and tights, then reconstructed the backside to reflect the logo, puppy dog and all!

    14. Leg Lamp

    You can buy a Leg Lamp Halloween costume referencing a prop from the movie A Christmas Story. But redditor mjr214 has a friend who has only one leg, which made her homemade costume so much more fitting -and awesome! You can see the comparison in this photo.

    15. Walk the Dinosaur

    Alison at Mod Mischief put together a dinosaur illusion costume a few years ago. She even wore stilts! The dino she is riding is an allosaurus made of papier-mâché. See some of the construction pictures in this post. Allison set the bar pretty high for herself after the kidnapped mermaid costume she posted at Instructables from the previous year.

    See also: 12 Wordplay Halloween Costumes

    16. Flying Genie

    Allison also posted an Instructables guide to recreating this Genie on a Flying Carpet costume one of her friends pulled off. The secret to carrying this around all night is a walker on wheels that supports the carpet!

    17. Zombie Cat

    Cyriak Harris and Sarah Brown made an animation featuring zombie cats called Meow. Dawn Weast and Suzy Gruber were inspired by the video and made a Zombie Cat costume for Weast’s 5-year-old daughter Bell. The handmade costume is a dead ringer for one of the cartoon cats that gets turned into a zombie.

    18. Shark Attack

    Redditor notsohipster has a young cousin who has no legs. He and his little sister trick-or-treated in these clever costumes portraying a shark and her surfboarding victim.

    19. Pregnant Zombie

    Pregnant Zombie

    Image (cc) by Flickr user ian aberle

    Amanda Fite was the pregnant zombie that stood out from the crowd at the 2009 Texas Frightmare Zombie Walk. Be assured, it was totally fake. A series of photos give you some idea of the work that went into this costume. See more photos from the 2009 Texas Frightmare Weekend Zombie Walk in Flickr user Ian Aberle’s photo set.

    20. Port-a-Potty

    Sam’s brother had a homemade illusion costume that set him in a Port-a-Potty in 2010. Seven-year-old Ben could walk around and “sit” at the same time! The brand name in their area is Honey Bucket, so Ben’s door was labeled the same.

    21. Chomping Pacman

    Matthew Varas built a Pacman costume a few years ago, and this decided to improve upon the idea by building a Pacman with a Chomping Mouth!The project took six weeks, but as you can see, the results are awesome. See the building process at Make.

    22. Robot Couple

    Instructables member onebrokenneck made a robot couple for a costume competition. These classic Hollywood-style robots are made of aluminum, but according to the build process at Instructables, you can probably use cardboard instead if you don’t have a metal shop. The arms and legs are dryer ducts, and various LED gizmos were used to give them an electric personality.

    23. Halo

    Shawn Thorsson has made a bunch of fantastic costumes. He planned a Halo-themed build for Halloween 2008, but then was deployed to Afghanistan. The project was finally completed the next year. Thorsson fabricated armor from the video game world of Halo, painted them in different colors, and dressed his friends as the characters from the Red vs. Blue series. He posted lots of pictures to show you the process.

    24. The Birds

    A few years ago, redditor CampingIsInTents posted a picture of her Tippi Hedren costume and got a rousing response. The idea references a popular movie, but you won’t see other people wearing it at the same party. She bought the birds, but had to alter the wings to make them just right. The idea has been used by creative costume-makers a couple of times before, even on TV.

    25. Krang

    Melissa Dunphy made her husband a Krang costume for Halloween 2010. Krang is a cartoon villain who vexes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The costume required a lot of foam rubber, repurposed electronics, and duct tape. See some still photos at Flickr.

    See also: 12 Halloween Ideas From 1884’s Hottest Costume Guide

    26. Headless Marie Antoinette

    Nicole Magne, who wore a gaping abdominal hole in the Death Becomes Her costume above, made this awesome Marie Antoinette getup a few years ago. Of course, it wouldn’t be so awesome if she hadn’t been decapitated! See the process of building this costume at Etsy.

    27. 8-bit Gary

    Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown created this 8-bit costume out of foam cubes glued onto a cardboard suit for a Toshiba ad in which the “real” Gary was pixelated into a low-res version of himself. The process is documented in photographs.

    28. LEGO Minifig

    Instructables member Kaged Konbat made himself into a LEGO Minifig. The head is made from a tube sold as a form for concrete -strong but still lightweight. The wearer sees through the facial features, which are covered with mesh speaker fabric. Your buddy could accompany you as a LEGO brick.

    29. Darth Vader TIE Fighter

    (Image by Flickr user Kevin Tostado)

    I was blown away by this Darth Vader costume spotted at Downtown Disney in Anaheim for Halloween 2007. Someone took a lot of care in constructing a TIE fighter around a wheelchair. See more Halloween costume ideas for children in wheelchairs.

    30. Steampunk Iron Man

    Image by Judy Stephens)

    Steampunk Iron Man won the Marvel costume contest at Comic Con in 2010.

    31. Double Rainbow

    This costume was inspired by the double rainbow meme from Paul Vasquez’s awe at seeing a double rainbow at Yosemite.

    32. Mad Max

    Karol Bartoszynski has been many of the characters from the Mad Maxmovies. He became a fan as a teenager, and over the next twenty years turned his enthusiasm for Mad Max into a career as a costume designer, and now organizes Mad Max fan gatherings and re-enactments. Bartoszynski runs the fan site Mad Max Costumes, where you can draw plenty of inspiration.  Imagine showing up looking like this at your local Halloween party!

    33. Reverse Trick-or-Treat

    The greatest Halloween costume idea ever was one related in this story from Mefite np312. Apparently no pictures were posted from that Halloween long ago, but Doc Pop took the idea and illustrated it in a comic. You can see the whole thing at Flickr. I hope someone picks this up and runs with it this year.

    34. Umbrella Bat


    Have you ever looked at a broken umbrella and thought about how it resembles a flailing bat? Lenore at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories made this Umbrella Bat costume out of one umbrella and a hoodie, and posted instructions so you can do the same.

    35. Trash Can


    This Trash Can costume is also a prank!

    When I was a kid there was a guy in our neighborhood that used to jump out of the bushes in a gorilla suit and scare the bejeezus out of us. It was one of my fondest memories of halloween. One year I decided to be that guy.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any bushes. An alternative would be to build a trash barrel disguise. I built the disguise below and then sat in it right on the front lawn. Not one single kid realized that It wasn’t a trash can and I scared so many of them that I lost count.

    See also: 15 Halloween Costumes From the 1970s

    36. Caterpillar Power Loader J-5000


    You might not recognize the name Caterpillar Power Loader J-5000, but surely you remember the mechanical power suit Sigourney Weaver used to fight the alien queen in Aliens. Ben Hallert built this one for Halloween in 2006. Read his story with links to photos and a video. Hallert previously made an APU costume from The Matrix, and a Mech Warrior costume.

    37. Rubik’s Cube


    Flickr user mcredis built a Rubik’s Cube costume and posted the process in photographs. He wore it to a costume parade in New York, and heard “Can I solve you?” all night long.

    38. Flaming Carrot


    The Flaming Carrot is one of the more bizarre comic book characters you’ll ever encounter, but it’s the look that makes a great costume, rather than the backstory. RoG posted details on how he contructed this one.

    39. Tron Guy


    Jay Maynard, the Tron Guy, shows you step-by-step how he made the costume that made him an internet legend.

    40. Ghostbusters


    Honus at Instructables posted instructions for making your own, complete with goggles and weapons. The backpack really makes this; I hope it isn’t as heavy as it looks!

    41. Big Daddy

    Graphic designer Harrison Krix made a costume of the character Big Daddy from the video game Bioshock. This is a work of a serious propmaster. It took seven weeks of sculpting with foam, cardboard, and fiberglass. The finished product, complete with a working drill arm, is a work of art. The post includes many more pictures and a couple of videos of the drill arm in action.

    Every year, people amaze me not only with their ideas, but with their talent and dedication at bringing the best costumes to life for Halloween (and other occasions). I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

    42. Plastic Army Man

    Rebekah Tennis made this costume for her son in 2011. He wanted to be an Army guy, but with a little work and a lot of green paint, he’s a soldier straight out of Toy Story! She then posted the process of creating this costume.

    43. Cherry Darling


    Photograph by Flickr user Cameron Yee.

    The character Cherry Darling from the movie Planet Terror startled folks when they saw that one of her legs was a machine gun. Then it inspired some women to recreate the scene. Now, if you are a beautiful amputee like Lacey Henderson, who gained note as a college cheerleader a few years ago, you can make hay by cosplaying the character at fan events. Henderson has a webpage with instructions for those who aren’t amputees on how to recreate the Cherry Darling look, and an annual competition is held for the best machine-gun-leg costume.

    44. Jack Skellington

    DeviantART member Mnemousyne created this super-tall Jack Skellington costume by making a suit that fits over stilts. The head is built over a helmet, making it more stable, but still a bit hard to see from. Her sister is modeling the costume here; Mnemousyne is in the Sally costume.

    45. Weeping Angel

    The Weeping Angel is a scary character from the Doctor Who episode “Blink.” Livejournal user penwiper337 made this costume of the Weeping Angel to wear at DragonCon. You can follow the process of building it at her blog.

    See also: 10 Last-Minute Ideas for Brilliant Halloween Costumes

    46. The Ginger Bread Man

    The costume was created for a career day fair, but would work for Halloween for any redheads out there.

    47. Dorian Gray and his Picture

    Heather and David as Dorian Gray and his Picture

    The party was literary-themed, so Heather and David came up with a couple’s costume right out of the novel The Picture of Dorian Grey. Heather is Dorian, of course, and David is aged up and framed to be …his picture! Photograph by Flickr user Jason Adams.

    48. Mousetrap

    Jeff from Ohio told the story of how he made this mousetrap costume for his 3-year-old daughter. Being trapped is a very good excuse for not walking house to house, but a set of wheels got her there anyway! He cut the wood and mounted it to a wagon, welded on the metal hardware, and made the back half of the mouse to work as a cushion for the child’s back. Adorable!

    49 & 50. Bob Ross and the Orbit Gum Lady


    Jake Meek said his Bob Ross attire was purchased in the ladies department at a local thrift store, “which I can only assume is where all men’s clothing from the ’70s currently resides.” He’s posing with the Orbit Gum Lady.

    51 & 52. The Hamburgler and the Sunmaid Raisins Lady


    Here’s that same pair, this time as The Hamburgler and the woman on the Sunmaid Raisins box.

    53. The DC Metro


    Longtime mental_floss contributor Scott Allen won season tickets to the Washington Wizards for this!

    54. The Firefox Logo

    You can even dress up as a browser logo. Firefox is the preferred costume, as it has recognizable features. This Firefox costume was entered in Crunchgear’s contest last year.

    55. Rock & Roll Witch

    Or you could go as me! (Going as a rock & roll witch.)

    56. Cheshire Cat

    scarystitcher at Etsy

    Etsy member scarystitcher made an award-winning costume for her daughter last year and posted it at reddit. She gave us the short version of how it was made.

    The gray and blue fur are two separate materials from Joanns. The gray was much longer and I had to trim all of it down, but it really was the best match for Cheshire. I used a pattern to make the body then altered it to fit her measurements. The blue stripes were cut, placed, pinned and hand-stitched one by one. The mask has a paper mâché base with upholstery foam to widen his face. The eyes are lenses from a pair of sunglasses that I painted w/ just turquoise acrylic paint. The blacks of the eyes are what she sees through. Narrow, but it works well enough. The mouth and nose are thick card-stock also painted and attached with a glue gun and the whiskers are actually twigs I spray painted and glued in under the fur. Took about a month to make but probably would’ve been less if I didn’t have FT work FT school

    She gives more information about the costume construction at the Etsy listing. Yes, last year’s costume is for sale. Here’s another picture.

    57. Darla

    jarrettbraun, imgur

    Darla is the bratty dentist’s niece in the movie Finding Nemo. The bag is crucial for this costume, otherwise people would assume she’s just an orthodontically-challenged kid. But with the bag, it’s perfect! Redditor jarrettbraun posted a picture of redditor neuhani’s clever Halloween costume from last year.

    58. Hannibal Lecter

    Andy Pixel, Imgur

    Andy Pixel made himself into Hannibal Lecter last year. You might think this costume would be difficult with cars, stairs, or the restroom, but he thought about that ahead of time. The hand cart comes apart, so he can ditch it and the extra legs when needed, and still be left with a full costume. He’s not really in a straitjacket; crossed arms just give him the look.

    59. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Alanna George made this Very Hungry Caterpillar costume for just a couple of dollars, and it looks just like the caterpillar in the book! Her then-2-year-old son was delighted to be the character from his favorite story. It’s just one of many literary costumes that put kids in their favorite books that you can see in this bigger list.

    60. The Governor and His Daughter

    TriforceKing, imgur

    Fans of the TV show The Walking Dead will recognize the Governor and his undead daughter. Redditor TriforceKing and his sister wore this last Halloween. It helped that he already resembled the actor David Morrissey somewhat. A few people pointed out that the Governor didn’t lose his eye until after his daughter was gone, but who cares? It’s Halloween!

    61. Baby Can’t Wait

    BAOUWS, imgur

    It’s not really a new picture, but this photo was posted just last weekshowing a baby who can’t wait until he’s born to go trick-or-treating. Redditor Ghost0_ told us how he and his wife used that idea for Halloween a couple of years ago, and what went into making it. You don’t really have to be pregnant to pull this off, but it’s funnier to people who know you if you are.

    62. Man Being Carried Illusion

    QuaziLogical made a classic illusion costume a couple of years ago. It cost him about $30 and took about 30 hours of work. This version of the trick looks better than most because the “dummy” is covered by a surgical mask, obscuring its fakery, and QuaziLogical wore a mask, too, to make his face look artificial. See a closer image of the legs he made.

    63. Snow Globe

    jpotisch via Flickr // CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

    Flickr user jpotisch made this snow globe costume by hand! The globe is fashioned from clear acetate, and the snow is made from bits of foam hanging by thread. He posted the building process in a Flickr album with some commentary along the way. He said it took about three days to build, but the finished product is a work of art! He also made the banana costume his son is wearing in the background—and it has a photo tutorial, too.

    64. Major Toht

    Cameron Stewart, imgur

    Few will ever forget the climactic scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the Ark is opened up and Gestapo agent Arnold Toht’s face is melted off. Comic book artist Cameron Stewart recreated that look for Halloween one year, at the last moment.

    I made the Major Toht costume in a single afternoon. I woke up that morning thinking I was going to skip Halloween (too much work in my day job as a comic artist) but all of my friends flipped out and pressured me into it. I managed to scrape all of the props together by chance. The melty face is a Captain America movie Red Skull mask with flesh-coloured paint dribbled over it.

    Stewart is a master of movie costumes, as you can see in an imgur galleryfeaturing Toht, Jack Torrance, Patrick Bateman, and other characters.

    65. Captain Hook

    Rachael K, Instructables

    Here’s one trick-or-treater that takes the classic pirate costume to the next level. This toddler is Captain Hook being eaten by the crocodile from Peter Pan! Instructables member Rachael K explains how she made the costume, which won the Judges Prize for Sewing in the Instructables Halloween Costume Contest last year.

    66. Mad Max

    bloody_ben via Instagram

    Ben Carpenter is a cosplayer who uses a wheelchair. For this year’s Tampa Bay Comic Con, he and his group became the cast of Mad Max: Fury RoadBen was Max in the scene where he was strapped to the front of a vehicle in order to supply blood to the driver. He used his wheelchair in the upright position for the vehicle, driven by a friend and accompanied by other characters from the movie. They won the award for Best Group Cosplay. Of course they did.

    67. Taco Belle

    AvantGeek, DeviantART

    OliviaMears is a cosplayer and costumer extraordinaire. Her Taco Belle dress decorations are made from card stock, tissue paper, felt, and Taco Bell wrappers. The inspiration came from a previous costume event, when she went for some fast food and contemplated the inadvertent pun.

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    23 Adorable Kids That Love The Pet In Their Lives

    Adorable kids

    23 Adorable Kids That Love The Pet In Their Lives

    Is there anything cuter than seeing adorable kids getting along with a puppy? If you are a parent and also have a pet you certainly know that it’s a lot of work, but you will also agree with me if I say that seeing their incredible bond and the love they share is absolutely priceless.
    Studies have shown that kids that grow up with pets are less likely to develop allergies when they’re older, and in addition to that, living with a pet teaches them empathy and non-verbal communication earlier than usual.
    The following photos are a proof of how much these adorable kids really need a pet in their lives, but I have to warn you: they will cause a total cuteness overload.















































    If you loved these adorable kids then don’t forget to share our post below



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    October Caption Competition

    Caption competition

    Want the Chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card?

    Simply comment on this Photo with a Caption and the winner each month will have their caption converted into a Meme and have a permanent place on our website and social media.

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    20 Funny Photos Of Cats That Will Make You Laugh Way More Than You Should

    funny photos

    20 Funny Photos Of Cats That Will Make You Laugh Way More Than You Should

    Love cute cats? We do too! It’s a good thing the internet never runs out of new and totally adorable photos of cats. The best part is, they never run out of hilarious moves and poses to take photos of. We’ve caught them in suspicious situations, awkward poses, and with goofy expressions on their tiny faces. Even the ones with unique fur coloring look stunning. With them nothing is impossible. Feast on the following funny photos of cats and we promise they will definitely make your day.
    (h/t: brightside)

    1. “What are you looking at, human?”


    2. I could’ve sworn those are puppydog eyes…


    3. Spot the difference!


    4. “Hi, neighbor.”


    5. “I’ll keep making these eyes until you rock me too”


    6. So that’s why the electric bill is so high!


    7. A portal into the netherworld


    8. Even the pet is glued to an iPad…


    9. “Honey, where’s the cat?!”


    10. Yea Sure, take the cardboard box over the expensive cushioned cat bed…


    11. “It’s buckling beneath the weight of my magnificence.”


    12. “Human, feed me NOW”


    13. “What sorcery is this?!


    14. Kitty driving lessons???


    15. *sad purr*


    16. Flashing them chickens!

    17. “Say whuuut?”


    18. Making fun of the sleeping cat


    19. His Royal Highness


    20. They almost completed the ladder to the food before they got caught

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    20 WTF Moments That Can Only Happen In A Bollywood Movie

    bollywood movie

    20 WTF Moments That Can Only Happen In A Bollywood Movie

    We all love a good Bollywood Movie right? The dancing, the singing and above all the action.  These 20 clips from Bollywood movies show us just how crazy they are, from a banana wielding policeman to an evil villain with laser eyes,  these Gifs have it all.  Enjoy


    via analystdude



    via Dicethrower



    via r/BollywoodRealism



    via Archimonde1308


    via that_70_show_fan



    via that_70_show_fan



    via zimgodo



    via I-m-smbdy


    via DesiGif



    via karthenon



    via connorjohn322



    via that_70_show_fan


    via connorjohn322



    via connorjohn322



    via coyootje



    via that_70_show_fan


    via that_70_show_fan



    via I-m-smbdy



    via I-m-smbdy



    via I-m-smbdy 

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    Stupid People Doing Totally Stupid Things (33 Photos)

    Stupid people

    Stupid People Doing Totally Stupid Things

    Check out these hilariously stupid people who have no concept of how ridiculous they look, how unsafe they are or just how totally useless they are compared to the normal people on this planet. So please space a thought for these 33 stupid people and keep them in your prayers that they never have the opportunity to mate and create more people like them.  Enjoy

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    The Funny Difference Between Expectation And Reality

    difference between expectation

    If you loved the The Funny Difference Between Expectation And Reality  then share our post below 


    Sourced from

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    Funny Animal Bios That Are Hilariously Human And All Too Real

    funny animal bios
  • ,


    Amazing Teacher Converts Classroom into Hogwarts

    Amazing Teacher
  • ,

    Geeky WTF

    When Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Are Replaced By Kittens

    Jurassic park dinosaurs

    When Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Are Replaced By Kittens

    From the most helpful to the not-so-relevant information, the internet is your one-stop shop for everything, even for the weirdest and craziest stuff you’d never expect to see. Speaking of weird and crazy, who would have thought that replacing Jurassic Park dinosaurs with cats would be so hilarious? People started photoshopping our beloved furballs in stills from the popular movie series, and the result is adorably funny. Well what can we say? As long as cats are involved, it’s always going to be win. So scroll on the following photos and see how these cats play the role so well.

















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    27 Adorably Cute Animals That Are Way Too Tired To Care

    cute animals

    27 Cute Animals That Are Way Too Tired To Care

    As a huge fan of sleep, I’ve carefully studied the various degrees of being tired we all experience over the years. On one side there’s the normal, end-of-the day fatigue, and on the other, there are those times when you realize you accidentally binge-watched an entire season of a show until 4:00 a.m.

    Even though these sweet animal friends probably don’t have a Netflix password, they’re all definitely closer to that end of the spectrum. They just can’t keep their eyes open for one more second.

    1. “I’m not tired! I promise”

    2. “Just give me like a few minutes…I mean hours.”

    cute animals

    3. “This whole great outdoors thing is exhausting.”

    cute animals

    4. My favorite sleeping position.

    cute animals

    5. “Did you just say something.?”

    cute animals

    6. “my favorite spot”

    cute animals

    7. I am just resting my eyes.  I really am on guard duty!

    cute animals

    8. “I am just holding the counter down in case anyone steels it”

    cute animals

    9. “I just love camping?”

    10. Leg bridge out of service due to sleeps.

    11. “Is this the longest block in the entire world?”

    12. “Pleeeease let me sleep”

     13. “When you have had waaaay to much to drink at the pub.”

    14. “The comfiest tree in the world ever. Period! ”

    15. “I just don’t have the energy to get out of bed! ”

    16. I’m only testing it out! I promise

    17. “Wake me in an hour”

    18. “I knew I shouldn’t have gone out on a school night”

    19. “Please! not before morning coffee”

    20. Mmmmm Tuna!.

    21. Looking good every single morning?

    22. Me and my bestie just catching 40 winks. Wake us in a bit! .

    23. Naps are sooo much better with my best friend.

    24. “I WILL get up these stairs”

    25.The world’s worst guard dog.

    26. “Stick em up! this is a raid”

    27. “Just one more day until the weekend”

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